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Top 10 Malware Sites – Google statistics

Google has listed Top ten domains responsible top ten most popular malware sites. All domains on the top-10 list are suspected to have compromised more than 10,000 web sites on the Internet.

Here is the list of top 10 malware sites


  1. 38zu.cn
  2. googleanlaytics.net
  3. lousecn.cn
  4. qwerz.cn
  5. goooogleadsense.biz
  7. gumblar.cn
  8. d99q.cn
  9. orsite.info
  10. martuz.cn

In the Google security blog, security team member, Niels Provos said

Our automated systems found more than 4,000 different sites that appeared to be set up for distributing malware by massively compromising popular web sites. Of these domains more than 1,400 were hosted in the .cn TLD. Several contained plays on the name of Google such as goooogleadsence.biz, etc.

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