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Submit Your Site To Bing Search

Bing is the new decision engine from microsoft. You can easily submit your domain name to Bing URL submission and start getting traffic from Bing. Submit your content to drive more traffic to your site and more customers to your business. Checkout Bing vs Google Top Comparison and it’s Cool Features for Better Searching

Submit your site to Bing

Submit your site to Bing and get your site indexed. As MSNBot can find most pages on the Internet. However if your site does not appear on Bing, you can submit your site to Bing. If you are already getting some traffic from Bing.com, then obviously you’re already listed.


Submit Website/ Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools

You can also submit your site at Bing Webmaster Central(Just like Google Webmaster Tools). Create an account and log into your webmasters dashboard and to submit your website URL and also sitemap URL (sitemap – not mandatory, highly recommended ).

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