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Real-time ad optimization YieldBuild is Free

As of Spe 03, 2009 real-time online ad optimization provider YieldBuild made it’s commission from 3% fee to 0%, that is YieldBuild optimization is now FREE.


Earlier, YieldBuild optimization wad not free after a 30-day trial, the company will start retaining a 3% commission of the total impressions it served on your website. YieldBuild is the optimization ad manager for small and large online publishers.

With it’s technology YieldBuild will automatically place the optimal ad formats and best performing combination of ads from various networks( Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Microsoft Pubcenter and more) to maximize ad revenue.

New publishers will not be assessed a fee and for the current YieldBuild publisher, the fee dropped from 3% to 0%. The two other companies that can be compared with YieldBuild are Pubmatic and Rubicon Project.

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