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Online Piggy Banks for Adults – SmartyPig

If you want to save money for emergencies. Here is a fun app to help you set aside your annual income for emergencies.

SmartyPig is an “online piggybank” which can give you a return on your savings. It’s totally free and FDIC insured. it is an online piggybank for people saving for specific goals. SmartyPig is a free savings account that motivates you to save and you will earn interest for the money you have saved.

You can use this free, online piggy bank to save for long- and short-term goals. It is a product of Sallie Mae Bank and FDIC insured.

It’s Free – No fees to join. No fees to save. No fees to withdraw.


How it works.

1) Setup Your Account – quick 4-Step registration process
2) Create Your Savings Goals
3) Setup A Recurring Contribution


Deposit Balance Required to Earn Rate APY (Annual Percentage Yield)1
$0.01-$2,500 0.85%
$2,500.01-$10,000 0.90%
$10,000.01-$50,000 0.95%
$50,000.01+ 1.05%


visit www.smartypig.com to lean more and open an account.

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