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New sign-in from Chrome on Windows – email

I got an email from Google with subject “New sign-in from Chrome on Windows” and content as below.. Is this normal or my account hacked ?

Hi [….],
Your Google Account [….] was just used to sign in from Chrome on Windows.


Basically, this is an notification email from Google, which alerts you if they find suspicious kind of activity.
Google will send an email/text notification in the following scenarios

  • First time when you sign in to an application, on a new computer, phone or browser
  • Recently deleted browser cookies and try to login again
  • Recently updated your browser
  • Recently¬†updated your app
  • Changed the password on your account
  • If you are using browser incognito or private browsing mode
  • or when somebody else is accessing your account

These notification emails are for your account security purposes. You can go to recently used devices page to review the devices and login information. This page will show you all the devices using your account.

If you done recognize the device listed on that page, you should remove its account access. Someone may have your password. It is recommended to change the password and secure your account.

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