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MicroStrategy Cloud – Business Intelligence (BI) Platform on Cloud

MicroStrategy business intelligence (BI) software platform is available as Cloud-Based Service called MicroStrategy Cloud. It is a complete platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product for BI that will give users on-demand access to MicroStrategy’s BI Platform over the Internet.


Cloud allows organization to scale quickly in response to demand.

MicroStrategy Cloud is fully configured, and maintained by MicroStrategy, so organizations no longer have to worry about hardware, tuning the architecture, or upgrading software. MicroStrategy Cloud is quicker to deploy.

MicroStrategy Cloud enables users to tap into enterprise data from their desktop or mobile device, improving insight and business decision-making.

MicroStrategy Cloud benefits include,

  • The complete MicroStrategy BI platform is now available in the cloud as Platform-as-a-Service
  • MicroStrategy Cloud is optimized for speed and scalability
  • Scalable : It allows scale dynamically in response to demand
  • Business no longer worry about hardware or software upgrade
  • Users can connect directly to on-premises or cloud-based data sources

For more information visit MicroStrategy Cloud – Cloud-Based Service

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