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Known Cyber attacks on U.S.A

US government and US military have reported repeated interference from hackers in recent years, so US President Barack Obama has announced plans for securing American computer networks against cyber attacks.

U.S. is the more Internet-dependent country than any country in the world, so do the risk. Web sites and computer networks have been targeted by hackers for decades.

Checkout the top five information security threats and challenges facing both consumer and business users.

These are the Know Cyber attacks on US, according to BBC

April 2009: US government admits power grid is vulnerable after media reports that Chinese and Russian spies have planted software that could shut it down.
April 2009: China denies hacking into a system containing data on a new US fighter jet.
Nov 2008: Congressional panel says China has stepped up computer-based espionage and is stealing “vast amounts” of sensitive information
Sep 2007: China denies reports its military hacked into the Pentagon in June of that year.

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