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Kindle Cloud Reader: Read eBooks on your Browser

How to Read eBooks on your Computer, Mac or iPad ?


Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader is a Web-based app that allows you to read your Kindle e-books via the Kindle store¬†instantly on Windows PC, Mac or tablets using web browsers. You can get access to your Kindle Library through Kindle Cloud Reader without having to download any app, to read ebooks you’ve purchased just go to https://read.amazon.com

Offline e-Book Reading

The Kindle Could Reader lets you to read Kindle e-books even without an Internet connection (offline e-book reading). Kindle Could Reader web app is built using the HTML5 Web standard. HTML5 brings a host of desktop like power to web applications, one of that is offline storage capabilities. So, Kindle Could Reader will automatically download your most recently read books for offline reading (when offline reading enabled). So, you can read your stored books without an Internet connection.

Kindle Cloud Reader is compatible with Safari (iPad, Mac and PC) and as well as Google’s Chrome browser (Mac, PC, Linux, and Chromebook ). Support for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Blackberry Playbook available soon.

How to Access Kindle Cloud Reader?

Visit https://read.amazon.com to get started from your computer or iPad and click the Sign in to get started button (sign in with your Amazon.com account to get access to your existing Kindle Library).

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