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Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click (CPC)

Wordstream, Internet marketing and research company, has listed the top 20 keyword categories which could fetch you the highest costs per click (CPC) in Google’s Adsense. That is, these are the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords.

Basically, advertisers will pay more per click for sites with niche content. This list will help you to choose the best keywords for your blog or an article.

Here is the list of top 20 keyword categories with highest cost per click (CPC)

  1. Insurance (example “buy car insurance online”)
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage (example “Mortgage Refinancing”)
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim
  11. Conference Call
  12. Trading
  13. Software
  14. Recovery
  15. Transfer
  16. Gas/Electricity
  17. Classes
  18. Rehab
  19. Treatment
  20. Cord Blood

[ via – Where Google Makes Its Money: The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords ]

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