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Intuit PaymentNetwork – Paypal Alternative

Affordable way to send and receive payments over the Internet using Intuit PaymentNetwork, a cheaper Alternative to Paypal

Small Businesses

Intuit PaymentNetwork is a low-cost payment alternative to credit cards for receiving payments (0.50 cents per transaction irregardless of amount received)


Individuals can send money to anyone who is a member. Membership is free, so if an Individual is not a memeber he/she can join easily.


Send a payment : Free
Receive a payment: 50 cents

How it Works ?


Small Business Advantages

  • ONLY 50 cents per payment received
  • No monthly subscription charges or setup fees
  • No interchange fee
  • Request money from anyone that has an email address
  • All payments automatically credited to any U.S. bank of choice

Individuals Advantages

  • An easy way to pay your bills online
  • Those you pay never see your private financial information
  • All payments automatically debited from any U.S. bank of choice

More details available on the Intuit PaymentNetwork website.

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