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How to use Messenger without a Facebook account ?

Facebook Messenger App is just like texting, it works with your data plan ( you don’t have to pay for message). Currently, the app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Windows and Android tablets.

Facebook made Messenger useful to all by allowing anyone to use it, with or without a Facebook account.


Apart from native app, Messenger is also available as a web app – www.messenger.com. On this web client users can avail all features of Messenger without visiting www.facebook.com.

Do I need Facebook account to use Messenger App ?

Don’t worry! The most recent update from Facebook says even the non-Facebook users can use Messenger as a standalone chatting app by using their phone number.

Features Facebook Messenger App

  • Chatting
  • Voice and video calls
  • Easy sharing of photos, videos and location
  • Payments



The app synchronizes Facebook contacts. There is little clarity about what would happen for non-Facebook users as the update is not yet out. However, we can expect that users will see all those contacts who have installed Messenger app and have their contact number updated in the app.


Users can see active status, time for which a user is inactive, when the chat is received and seen by other users. Group chatting can also be done by creating different groups.

Voice and video calls

Users can make high definition voice and video calls from the app. The calls are free of cost. However, the data charges are applicable. Sometimes users don’t have time to type the message and hence can send voice messages.

Easy sharing of photos, videos and location

The app allows instant sharing of unlimited photos and videos. Users can share their location as well.


Plenty of stickers are available for free and as in-app purchase.


Users can add their debit card information and pay their friends easily and securely. This feature is currently available in United States only.


Messenger is announced as a development platform in this year’s F8 developer conference. What it means is developers can develop apps like drawing pad, GIF builder etc. for Messenger. Users would be able to search and install these apps for their Messenger similar to add-ons.



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