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How to Tweet on Twitter with Your Cell Phone

Twitter is the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet. You can set to receive Tweets to your mobile phone. Tweeting from mobile devices makes things much more interesting, while you’re away from your computer.

If you are new or a active user of Twitter, you might want to take a look at these Twitter Tips.Twitter doesn’t charge anything to send and receive Twitter posts (Tweets) with your cell phone, but your mobile phone carrier standard rates may apply.

How to Link Twitter with Your Cell Phone

1. Login into your Twitter account.
2. Click Settings tab on the upper right hand navigation bar.
3. Click Devices tab in the settings page.
4. Enter your phone number,”+” precede with your country code (+1 is the US country code and your phone number ex: +14153368687) and click save.
5. Wait for the random verification code to pop up on the next screen.
6. Text the verification code to Twitter using the phone number given in the devices page. You will receive a text message confirming that your cell phone number is linked to your Twitter account.

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