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How to Test Chitika Premium Ads

Are you a Chitika Premium Ad publisher and want to test your ads. Chitika Premium ads will only display to your US and Canadian site visitors that enter your site through a search engine.

Here is how to preview or test Chitika Ads on your webpage.

1. After placing the Chitika Premium Ad code snippet on your page.
2. Add #chitikatest=<KEYWORD> to the end of your URL in your browser’s address bar.(keyword is the the search term )
3. Hit Enter key (this will display the page without ad)
4. Press Ctrl + R together (or Refresh button ) to reload the page. This will show you the ad that would look like to a user who came through search engine.

For example,

Basic rule is you have to append #chitikatest=keyword in the url

To preview Chitika premium ads on The Picky page (which is http://www.thepicky.com/), make the URL as http://www.thepicky.com/internet/chitika-premium-ads-with-adsense/#chitikatest=chitika, Hit Enter key and Ctrl + F5 together to reload the page.


This will show you what the ad would look like to a user who is interested in “chitika.”

The default keyword used by #chitikatest is mortgate.

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