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How to set 911 to Out Of Country, When I use Vonage outside USA?

If you use Vonage adapter and service outside of U.S.A, change your 911 dialing status to “Out Of Country”. This will save unwanted headache when you dial 911 while you use Vonage overseas.

This will Change your 911 dialing status to “Out Of Country”. Upon your return to the United States, remember to reactivate 911 dialing to your U.S.A. address. If you don’t reactivate the 911 dialing to your current U.S. address after returning, your 911 calls will be routed to Vonage National Emergency Call Center instead of your local emergency 911 center.

Here is how to do.

  1. Login to your Vonage Account
  2. Click “Features” Tab
  3. Click “Edit 911 Dialing Address
  4. Click on the link Change your 911 dialing status to “Out Of Country”
  5. Click “I Accept“. That’s it

NOTE: You’ll receive an email reminder after 30 days that that your 911 dialing status is set to Out of Country.



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