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How to Screen Capture Web Pages as Picture

Do you want to take a full screenshot of a webpage and save the web page as picture ?. Here is how to convert an entire web page to an image file. Web page screenshot will be useful when you want to send a snapshot of web page and send it to your friends or clients to get a feedback from them. You can keep your favorite webpage as an image. You can save a scrolling web page as image.

aviary online tool allows you to capture and edit a webpage on the fly. Just enter the url you want to capture. This tool will capture page as an image and you can save it on your computer.


Another simple way to capture any webpage by adding Aviary.com/ to the beginning of the URL! for example if you want to capture thepicky’s homepage: Just change http://www.thepicky.com to Aviary.com/http://thepicky.com.

This tool has unique feature to edit the captured page on the fly, like adding text, adding arrows, markings and crop. It works on almost any webpage with any browser and even even capture Flash. Screen capture has many options to catch perfect image, you can set screen resolutions, quality of the image, Region(entire page, above the fold) and more.

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  • vl April 19, 2011, 5:33 am

    HeroNote lets users store web pages as notes, save them to the local disk to HTML, TXT, MHT and various image formats. To create images from web pages use the built-in capture tool, edit the image as you want then save it to the local disk.


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