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How to Register own Private Name Servers(own DNS)

You can get your own name servers instead of your web hosting provider’s name servers. For example our best wordpress webhosting tigertech has public name server as ns1.tigertech.net and ns2.tigertech.biz; If you get the private name servers whois search will show your name servers, not the hosting provider.

Here is how to get your private name servers like
(replace thepicky.com with your domain name)

First, You have to request 2 dedicated IPs (mostly free) for private name servers from the hosting provider. Then, you have to create DNS entry for your private name servers ns1.thepicky.com and ns2.thepicky.com at your domain registrar control panel using the IP addresses provided by your hosting provider (sometimes hosting provider and domain registrar could be same).

After you have registered the private nameservers at your registrar, you can use the nameservers you just registered to point your domain. It may take 24 hours (usually quicker) for the DNS changes to propagate all over the internet.

Why Private Name Servers?

If you do not want your customers or public to know who your web host is then you would want your own private name servers like ns1.thepicky.com, instead of ns1.godaddy.com.

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