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How to opt out Google interest based ads?

We ceaselessly see ads on Google Search and other Google products like Gmail, YouTube. We also see ads on many other websites. These websites are part of Google Display Network which is a group of millions of companies, apps and videos that have partnered with Google to show relevant ads.

By default, all these ads are interest based. That means they are displayed based on users’ Google profile (if he has logged in his Google account), browser history, cookies etc. A simple setting is useful to opt out of the interest based ads.

  1. Visit http://www.google.com/settings/ads. If you are logged on to Google, you will see page similar to the one below. You are not logged in, you might find some columns filled with ‘N/A’.


  1. Find out ‘Opt out’ link in the ‘Opt-out settings’ under ‘Ads on Google’ and ‘Google ads across the web’. Click on it. ‘Ads on Google’ are the ads we see in Google Search and other Google products. ‘Google ads across the web’ is for ads for sites from Google Display Network.
  2. You will see a pop-up like below. Click on ‘Opt-out’ button to confirm.


Opting out of interest based ads means ads will still be displayed on the pages that you visit but they will be less relevant. Read this to learn more about what opting out doesn’t do.



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