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How to invest in stocks commission-free ?

With stock brokers you pay a commission every time you make a trade. If you are new investor and if you want to invest only few hundred dollars per month without commission, consider the below list of companies which provides commission free trade. Some plans allows you to reinvest dividend automatically.

1) LOYAL3 – LOYAL3 is affordable for everyone to invest in well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, facebook, Gapm Intel, Microsoft, Pepsico, Walmart, etc.

  • You can start investing with just $10 – You can purchase fractional shares
  • Trade orders will NOT be on real-time basis, instead it will be executed on batch/combined order process and executes trades once a day.

Visit Loyal3 for more information

2) Computershare – Computershare sponsors and administers hundreds of dividend reinvestment and direct stock purchase plans

Computershare has different types of investment plans
1) Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPP)
2) Dividend Reinvestment Plans ( DRIP )
3) No Purchase Fee Stocks

Some plans requires minimum initial investment, visit above links for more information.

3) Robinhood – Free stock trading.

Robinhood has apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is a free download that allows you to buy and sell stocks for free!
Visit Robinhood for more information

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