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How to get Walmart free 2-day shipping ?

Like Amazon, now you can order items like pet foods to baby diapers from Walmart and get free 2 shipping without any membership fee. Now it’s easier to get free 2-day shipping from Walmart.

Basically, Walmart has removed the ShippingPass membership program ( $49 subscription based free two-day shipping and offering free shipping to all customer when the order total is $35 or more.



Here are the features of Walmart Free Two-Day Shipping

  • You get free 2-day shipping when the item has a 2-day shipping flag if the order is over $35
  • If an item is not flagged for 2-day shipping, then you will get free 3- to 5-day shipping for orders of $35 or more
  • It is like Amazon, you get free shipping when you order $35 worth of items
  • No membership is required
  • For orders under $35 – You can choose to pay $5.99 and still get it delivered in two days.
  • Place order before by 2 p.m. to get them in 2 days (weekends and holidays will no included)


for more information visit walmart.com

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