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How to Fix Canon Ink Error after changing cartridge ?

I recently refilled my Canon PIXMA MG3520 Ink cartridge ( Black PG-240 ) at a Costco ink refill location. My printer was not able to detect the refilled Ink cartridges and it was showing ink is empty or low error.

Why Even after Changing a cartridge, Printer won’t Print?

After a brief research, I found that it’s common for Cannon to detect refilled ink cartridges as empty or low. It won’t print if the cartridge reads as empty.

Here is how I fixed it

Follow the steps below once you have refilled your ink cartridge and you see error “ink is empty or low”

1. Switch off on your printer
2. Issue a print
3. You will see the error message that your ink is empty or low.


4. While you have the error on the computer monitor screen, hold down your printer’s STOP button for 5 to 15 sec.

This will make your ink monitor to shut off/reload, and the printer will resume printing.

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