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How to download a YouTube video

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform on the internet. As a result there are tons of videos on YouTube on a lot of topics. Educational, entertainment, cat videos and a lot of other niche genres of videos are on YouTube.

YouTube is really accessible for viewing it’s videos but one thing that YouTube doesn’t allow is downloading videos from the website directly. But there are a lot of workarounds to download videos from YouTube.

Here are the steps to download a video from YouTube:

1. First, go to YouTube and browse to the video page that you want to download.


2. Now click on the address bar of the page and copy the address of the video.

3.Then go to keepvid.com

4.You will see an open space that asks you to enter the link to the video.



5.Now Paste the link to the video that you want to download and click on “download”.
6.The page will now show you a list of options with different resolutions to download from.
7.Right click on the resolution you want to download and click on “save link as”


8.Click on save

9.The video will start to download now.


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