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How to Disable Digg Toolbar Forever

DiggBar toolbar helps you to directly Digg on the destination site and you can create really short Digg URL to share. For some users DiggBar toolbar is annoying, for example try this page. Basically Diggbar renders pages using the IFRAME and if you try to navigate other page DiggBar toolbar remains visible without updating the actual URL( shows the actual short digg url). This is considered as Digg Toolbar drawback. By following the steps below steps you can turn off the Digg Toolbar forever.

1. Go to the Digg Toolbar on top of the browser (see pic).
2. Click the small dropdown arrow, which can be found in the right corner between DiggBar Feedback and close buttom(X).
3. Click  Always Hide the toolbar, now Digg Toolbar will be turn off.

Note: If you are a Digg registered user you can Turn Off the Digg Toolbar by changing Show DiggBar? settings here and select Never Show Diggbar for external links to permanently disable toolbar forever.

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