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How to create an ad on Facebook?

How to create an ad on Facebook?


Facebook ads are the most easy and efficient way of reaching out to right audience. Facebook filters users based on the criteria specified for an advert and shows those ads to them. Following are quick steps for creating ads on Facebook.

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1 ) Log on to your Facebook account and click on the down arrow at the right hand top corner. Select option ‘Create Ads’. This will take few seconds to create and prepare your ad account on Facebook, connecting to your existing pages if any and getting everything ready.


2 ) Step 1 is to choose your objective behind creating the ad. Once you click on an objective, you are asked further detail e.g. in the given snapshot objective chosen is ‘Promote your Page’ and selected page is ‘Healthy Life’ which is already existing. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed further.


3 ) In step 2, enter relevant details of your ad account.


4 ) In step 3, define your target audience by providing details like age, gender, location etc. this step is very important as based on this information a set of people is created to whom the ad is shown in news feed.


5 ) In the same step you need to provide your budget. Choose if it’s a daily budget or lifetime. Also specify schedule if you want your ad to flash starting from current date or only for particular time duration. Your budget gets used appropriately based on this schedule. This is very important step and optimistic choices help you in utilizing the budget appropriately.


6 ) If you want to make your ad fancy and attractive, you can choose some images and videos. Choose appropriate ad view for devices and ad


7 ) Once all the details are provided, click on ‘Place Order’ button at the right hand bottom. You can also check your ad before placing the order using ‘Review Order’ button. This completes at the process of ad creating. Billing takes place as per billing policies of Facebook.


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