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How to Choose a Strong Memorable Password?

Setting a strong password is vitally important to secure your personal data. Here are the 3 tips to choose a memorable password that is difficult to guess.

  1. Minimum length – Should be at least 8 to 14 characters long.
  2. Use Mix letters, numbers and symbols that is reasonably memorable – Use combination of characters (lower and upper ), numbers and symbols (for examples #, *, @, etc) – Don’t use dictionary words, only letters or only numbers, names of the people, phone numbers, birthdate etc.
  3. Never use same password for all your accounts – Use different sets of passwords in different systems, keep different passwords for email, Facebook, financial websites, insurance accounts, etc

How strong is your Password?

Use this Microsoft provided Password Checker to test the strength of your password (Week, Medium, Strong or Best)

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