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How to Call, SMS & Scheduled Conferences Worldwide?


TringMe is a web/mobile calling solution which allows you to make call, send SMS and scheduled conferences worldwide. TringMe could be used on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones(MobileVoIP, VoIP on Blackberry). This cool application lets you to call, conference or sms your friends directly from Facebook.

All Basically, calls and text messaging between TringMe network is free. You will be charged when you make calls or SMS who are not on TringMe network. That is, If you and your friend are both using TringMe MobileVoIP application on the phone, you can talk for free using TringMe application. But if you are calling a phone number, checkout the calling rates for worldwide calling. No need to wait to get your monthly bill, the call records give you the complete details of the calls including the charge.

You can also call your friends and family directly from your web-browser without downloading anything.

For more information visit www.tringme.com

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