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How to break my Smartphone addiction ?

Obsessively checking email or social media status updates are hard to break. They also interfere with your productivity and damage health. Here are 3 simple suggestions to break your smartphone addiction.

1) Hide your apps

Hide your apps to a folder, this way you won’t be tempted to repetitively launch the same app every time you unlock your smartphone.

2) Turn off alerts

Push notification are designed to let you know when you have email or alert to check (badges, sounds or custom text alerts). Turning off push alerts will help you to focus on the work you are currently doing.

  • Mute Whatsapp group chats.
  • Turn off push alerts

Turning off push alerts will save your smart device battery.

3) Uninstall the app

If the above steps don’t stop you from obsessively checking email or social media notification, then you might consider the extreme step — just uninstall the associated app

  • Delete all the social media and other apps which makes you addiction.
  • Delete all the apps you don’t use.

Smartphones are meant to help us lead better. But when we obsessively use the device, it became an addiction and affects our life. The above suggestions will help you to make a permanent change to your bad tech habits.

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