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How to Blend ads To Increase Your Adsense Earnings

Do you want to increase your Adsense CTR rate. You may have a great content, but if you didn’t take 5 minutes of your time to customize and blend your ads with your site layout correctly, you might not see much revenue accumulate. This can be prevented by blending your ads with your site content. In fact, blending your ads helps to increase your AdSense CTR.

Google AdSense and other major ads allows you to configure colors of your ad and link units easily to match your website’s colors.

Here are some simple customization tips to get higher CTR.

  • Try to match your site background color, site text colors, borders and links with your ad background color, text color, borders and links respectively. This will blend ads nicely with the content. (See below picture )


  • If your have regular visitors to your site, most likely over time they will become blinded to the position of the ads, it is good idea to rotate colors occasionally. To do this, choose the Use multiple palettes option when generating your adsense ad code.
  • Image ads will increase variety and competition among their advertisers. So set to text and image ads as your ad type preference when your create a ad.

Last but not least, imagining yourself as regular user and control ads colors what your users like. Hope this tip will help to maximize your earnings.

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  • Nivaas February 15, 2012, 12:59 am

    Thanks for sharing, this information about ad sense and useful for internet people how to earn money.

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