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How stop amazon ads on Facebook & other websites ?

Annoying to see amazon ads on Facebook or on every other site you visit ? such as you lookup some product on amazon, later you get to see same product ads on Facebook or other site. how does Facebook know what you looked at on amazon ?

Basically it is called targeted or interest-based ads, ads displayed based on your shopping habits. This is how Facebook know what you looked at on Amazon and display targeted ads. Don’t worry you can block it.
For example,

  1. You visited Amazon and browsed products
  2. Amazon showed you ads related to your visits on other site you visit — referred as targeted or interest-based ads
  3. If you don’t want Amazon to show ads related to your browsed products, you can decide whether you see personalized ads or not by disabling it …

How to block/disable amazon ads ?

You can block targeted amazon ads by disabling it. Here is how


Note: if you clear browser cookies or if you use a different browser, you will have to do the above this step again to stop seeing ads.

You can also avoid targeted is by using private browsing or incognito-mode window.

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