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How much Internet speed is enough?

High Speed Internet Service from your cable provider will give you enough internet bandwidth to make VoIP Phone calls, stream movies and connect all the devices in your household.

Why Broadband speed Matters?

The faster your broadband, the more you can do online.

  • Connect all your devices (PC, Laptop, Tablets, smartphones etc)
  • Websites load faster
  • Faster Downloads and Uploads
  • Watch higher quality movies( ex. Stream a movie from Netflix, etc)
  • Play games online with less lag.

Internet bandwidth is measured in Megabits per second or Mbps , denoting the speed of download and upload data traffic respectively.

Download and Upload data transfer Speed

Typically broadband connection has two speeds, upload and download.

  • Download speed is the speed of getting information from the internet to your PC or Tablet. (Example: receiving an email, streaming MP3, downloading pictures, browsing the website).
  • Upload speed is the speed of sending information from your PC to the internet. (Example: Sending an e-mail, uploading a photo)

Monthly usage is the combined upload and download data transfer.

Bandwidth required for each Activity

Here is the approximate minimum download speed (Mbps) typically needed each online activity.

  • 0.5 Mbps – Email, browsing, watch short videos, make VoIP Phone calls
  • 1.0 Mbps – Watch videos, browsing interactive websites and video conferencing, Game console connected to the Internet.
  • 1.5 Mbps – watch online videos, streaming movies (i.e netflix)
  • 4.0 Mbps – Recommended for HD-quality streaming movie, two-way online Game in real-time in HD

Estimate your Data usage

Use this data calculator to estimate your usage.

Mostly your broadband service providers will limit the total amount of data you can use every month. Check with your provider or call your provider to find out the total amount of data you can use can use ( download and/or upload).

How much Internet speed Do I Need?

Estimate your data usage using the calculator above and choose the speed that is best for you. If you are not sure, start with a slower plan and and upgrade it to a higher plan depending on the usage.

Using high-bandwidth applications, streaming movies or several household members connected internet at once will slow your connection considerably. If your internet connection is slow, try to change the way you use the Internet will you improve your experience.

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