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How Microsoft HoloLens Works ?

Microsoft HoloLens is the first ever holographic computing device. Although the pricing and release date is not out, it has already gathered a lot of attention.

Why the name HoloLens?

HoloLens runs on Windows 10 platform. It projects its applications as holograms onto the user’s surroundings. They are not visible to the bare eyes. They need to be viewed via specialized lenses. Hologram seen through lens depicts the name HoloLens.

Image: Microsoft HoloLens

How it works?

HoloLens is completely autonomous with no connections to phone or PC or any other device. It is enabled with advanced optical technology which converts an app’s view (or display) into muti-dimensional objects i.e. holograms. As these holograms do not have any physical existence on any screen, HoloLens is equipped with sensors which can recognize user’s voice, gestures and gaze for interacting with holograms. HoloLense also understands user’s surroundings.

HoloLens has CPU (Control Processing Unit), GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) and an HPU (Holographic Processing Unit). All three of these impart a wonderful mixed reality experience.

An app tile, any piece of information, a particular page of the app can be hologram. Holograms can be pinned to one corner of the lens or anchored at a specific location in physical world e.g. tile for a video player application can be anchored on a wall. Whenever user needs to watch a video, he or she needs to look at the same wall. The hologram is 3-D and changes its view depending on user’s position. Holograms can be resized, reshaped; similar to tiles in Windows UI.


Image: User wearing HoloLens and interacting with holograms


The first and foremost question is why would someone want to see holograms in their real world? The answer is holograms are very useful for 3-D modeling and simulation. They would find their usage fashion, retail, banking, astrological studies, as an effective way of education and also in gaming and entertainment.

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