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How do I stop spam mail being sent from yahoo mail ?

Are emails being sent from your yahoo account to your contacts that you didn’t send ? If you are experienced this issue, then it is sure that your account has been compromised by spammers. That is, spammer has obtained your password by using phishing spam. If you’re suspicious, Change your password immediately and follow the steps below to protect your account in future.

See your recent Login Activity

If you’re suspicious that someone is sending spam mail from your yahoo account to your address book friends, you’ve option to check your account activity (“Login Activity”) by logging into your account. Here is how to do it,

  • Login to your Yahoo Account at http://account.yahoo.com
  • Go to “Sign-In and Security” section and click “View your recent sign-in activity” from the
  • Now you will see all the login activity for your account for the past few days( Date/Time, Location , Action Type, etc.,)

If you notice any unusual activity, do the following

  • Change your password to protect your account
  • Protect yourself from password theft and phishing by creating Yahoo sign-in seal.

After changing password,

  • Ensure that your yahoo account’s alternate email address has not been changed.
  • Ensure that your inbox and contacts list has not been deleted.

Unable to login to your Yahoo account ?

Visit Yahoo Email Abuse Help section if you are unable to login to your Yahoo account. You will be able to reset your yahoo password after verifying your identity.

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  • suraj February 16, 2012, 4:11 pm

    nice info…. sometime some fair mails go into spam folder..and we delete all mails without seeing.

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