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How do I Stop Google and Facebook from Spying on me ?

Major Privacy Concern:

There are concerns that major websites like Google, Facebook, etc., are spying users by using tracking cookies. Microsoft also reported that Google is bypassing user privacy settings in Internet Explorer browser.

What is a Cookie ?

As you visit websites in your browser, many websites including Google, Facebook, Yahoo will store a cookie in your browser to give you customized content and understand the types of pages that you are visiting. A cookie is a small text file that a Web site can send to your browser. This file is called a cookie.

Cookies often store your information for a website. Cookies also store a range of information, including authentication, personalization, information about the user, identification of a user session and to remember your shopping cart contents. Basically cookies are used to track user’s browsing activities and it is invisible to you.

There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and temporary or session cookies.

For example, Google stores an advertising cookie in your browser to understand the types of pages that you are visiting. This information is used to show ads based on interest categories that might appeal to your users.

Here are some steps to keep your browsing information to yourself

Basically, you have complete control when it comes to cookie storage permissions. You can approve or deny storage requests. You can also delete stored cookies.

1) Delete cookies from time to time
2) Choose to use “private browsing” feature

1) Delete cookies from time to time.

– Firefox:

  • Click on the Tools , click Options and select the Privacy panel
  • Click “remove individual cookies” link and then click “Remove all Cookies” button to clear all cookies.

– Google Chrome: Steps to delete cookies from Google Chrome

– Apple Safari: Steps to delete cookies from Apple Safari Browser

– Temporary File Cleaner: Instead of deleting cookies manually, you can choose to use Temporary File Cleaner to delete temp files, history and cookies. Temporary File Cleaner utility will clean the browser cache, cookies, history and other tracks across multiple browsers (IE, Firefox and Opera).

2) Choose to use “private browsing” feature

When you use private browsing feature ( available in Firefox, Safari and IE), your browser won’t store any browser history, temporary Internet files, cookie information and other data. This feature will be very useful when you’re on a public terminal.

– Safari : Private Browsing in Safari – Surf in Stealth Mode

– Firefox :How to Enable/Disable Firefox Private Browsing ?

– Internet Explorer 8 and above: To turn on Private Browsing, click Safety button, and then click InPrivate Browsing.


Above tips will help you stop Google and Facebook from spying on you. If you have any tips, please share it below.

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