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How do I sell ads directly to advertisers using Adsense ?

Adsense Direct is a tool for publishers to sell ads directly to advertisers without changing the code. You don’t need to have a separate contract with all of your advertisers. Publishers can make deals with individual advertisers and give a link to their AdSense Direct page and all the publishers have to do is upload ad and pay for the ad. Basically, you and your advertisers contract with Google and the monthly earnings will be paid out as part of your regular AdSense payments.

Google will ensure that the campaign gets delivered to your site without changing your code. Google ensures with it’s ad review that that your site visitors stay safe from malware. Even-though you use Adsense Direct you will have the same limit of 3 content ad units per page. You don’t need to change ad code on your website when you want to change the advertiser.

How much Google Charge ?

You receive 85% and Google’s will cut 15% from all AdSense Direct transactions.

For more information, visit AdSense Direct feature page

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