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How do I get Free Wireless Broadband Internet?

NetZero offers free 4G wireless broadband service for one-year. To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to buy a NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband device which will connect to a wireless broadband network.

When you buy this device, you’ll get 200MB of free data every month. There is no contract or other fees involved.

Go get free wireless broadband service,

  1. Purchase a NetZero’s portable mobile broadband device
  2. Choose the free data plan (valid for 1 year)

4G Mobile Broadband device (one-time charge)

To use wireless broadband service, you will need to buy a USB stick or a “mobile hotspot” device that connects to the Internet. These devices can be purchased from NetZero website, here are the price details.

$49.95“NetZero 4G Stick” (an USB Stick) that plugs it in to your laptop (PC or Mac ).


$99.95“NetZero 4G Hotspot” router which allows you to connect via Wi-Fi to the 4G connection. This is idle for laptops, netbooks, iPads, tablets, etc. This 4G device will become your own hotspot, you don’t need to search for a public Wi-Fi to get access to the Internet when you are on the go.


Free wireless broadband plan:

With NetZero’s free wireless broadband service you can use 200 megabytes of data per month for up-to 1 year. If you exceed the monthly limit, your internet access will be cut off until the start of the next month, and you’ll be prompted to upgrade to the paid plan.

  • Free plan – 200 megabytes(200 MB) of data traffic for a month

You free plan will expire 12 months from the date of initial registration and may not be renewed. But, you may choose to upgrade to the paid plan(see the paid plan details below ).

Paid Plan:

NetZero offers four different paid plans,

  1. $9.95 plan – 500 megabytes(500MB) of data traffic for a month
  2. $19.95 plan – 1 gigabytes(1GB) of data traffic for a month
  3. $34.95 plan – 2 gigabytes(2GB) of data traffic for a month
  4. $49.95 plan – 4 gigabytes(4GB) of data traffic for a month

Bottom Line:

Either it is free or paid, NetZero’s is cost effective for smaller amounts of data. But if you use larger amounts of data, you can get better deals from national carriers.

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