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How Do I create Strong Passwords ?

Password is the most commonly used security method to protect sensitive information, such as your e-mail account, or your online accounts.

You should not use insecure passwords that is easy to guess and hack into your accounts. Insecure password will help hackers to gain access to your accounts easily. Strong, memorable passwords may help to protect you against fraud and identity theft.

An Empty “blank password” is more secure than a weak password such as “1234”, but use of a blank password is not a good idea.

When choosing passwords ensure that your passwords DON’T include:

  • Nnames, usernames or alphabetic series etc.,
  • Dictionary words or common name
  • Consecutive numbers
  • Current, recent years or birthdate

What makes a strong password

Here are some tips to help you create strong, secure passwords.

  • Avoid same password for multiple online accounts
  • Make your password at least eight (8) or fourteen characters(14) characters in length
  • Use combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols.

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