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How do I create a Facebook page ?

What is Facebook page?

Are you running a business or want to gather attention to your activities? Creating a Facebook page helps you to reach out to maximum number of people just because of a simple reason that more than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect to what they want. Creating a Facebook page is very simple and just a matter of few minutes.

How to create a Facebook page ?

1) Log on to your Facebook account and click on down arrow at the top right corner. Select option ‘Create Page’.


2) You will be asked to select the motive behind creating the page. You can also see pages you like or manage previously created pages by using button ‘Pages I Like’ and ‘Pages I Manage’ present at top right corner of this interface.


3) When you choose a motive, you are asked to name it e.g. here ‘Cause or Community’ is selected, so the name of the cause of the community is asked. Give name of your choice and click on ‘Get Started’.


4) After this, you are navigated to a set up where you can provide other relevant information. Tab 1 allows to provide description of the page, link for your website if any and Facebook address of the page.


5) Tab 2 allows to set up profile picture.


6) Tab 3 allows to give criteria for target audience. By providing this, your page is shown as ‘Suggested Page’ to people satisfying this criteria.


7) When you click on ‘Save’ on each tab, all the information you have provided is saved and it is available whenever you want to manage your page. Once the page is created, you can set up cover photo, like your page and start sharing photos, links, articles etc. You can post them as yourself or as one of the Pages you manage.


8) You can also manage various settings, notifications etc. of your page by using the action bar at the top.


9) In case you want to delete the created page, click on ‘Settings’ option in the shown bar and find setting ‘Remove Page’.


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