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How do I control ads appearing on Facebook?

People sometimes get annoyed by the ads seen on Facebook or they want more and more relevant ads in their news feed. Here are some quick steps to control ads you see on Facebook.

Why are you seeing an ad?

When an ad flashes in the news feed, click on the small down arrow at the right hand top corner and click on ‘Why am I seeing this?’. This will give you information about why that particular advertiser is showing you the ad.


Managing ad preferences

Once you click on ‘Why am I seeing this?’, you get a link to manage your ad preferences.


You can give preferences about different domains like food and drink, technology, hobbies etc.


Hiding ads from news feeds

You can hide a particular ad by selecting ‘I don’t want to see this ad’ or you can hide all the ads from an advertiser by selecting ‘Hide all ads from xxxx’.

Who can see your activity with respect to an ad?

Visit https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=ads to manage who can see you activity with respect to ads and settings like to which third parties your information will be shown etc.

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