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How do I choose my wearable devices?

Should I buy Headgear or Wristband?

Wearables available in market presently can be broadly classified as head gears (smart glasses), smart bands (fitness trackers) and smartwatches.

Headgear or Wristband

The choice is simple, do you want something to go on your eyes or on your wrist?

If you are exited for a thrilling visual experience, you would have to wait for a while. A wave of smart head gears is expected to arrive soon as most of them are either in prototyping stage or beta stage. They are bringing a blend of augmented reality and virtual reality to enrich your gaming, learning and knowledge sharing experience.

Gear VR by Samsung, Google Glass by Google, Oculus Rift by Oculus, Project Morpheus by Sony, HoloLense by Microsoft are some of the examples. Out of all these Gear VR is available in the market but it is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Google has ended beta phase of Google Glass and we are expecting a product launch soon. All others are yet to be released.

If you are looking for an accessory for your wrist, here is a list of devices.

Notifications vs Fitness

This choice defines your intention. While all the aforementioned types offer notifications, smart bands are focused on the fitness aspect. They are equipped with heart rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and many sensors which provide you accurate activity tracking. You can choose the ones which are waterproof, have considerably good battery life and go with your style.

Smart watches have fitness aspect as an add-on feature apart from notifications. If you are happy with basic interface for notifications and little bit of activity tracking, you can go for Pebble. It has 7 days of battery life, reasonable cost and compatible with both iPhone and Android.

Apple Watch for iPhone and Android Wear for Android are always recommended. Check the compatibility of your phone with the Android Wear while choosing one. Samsung Gear Live can be preferred considering lot of invention by Samsung in this niche. Microsoft Band is the only wearable compatible with Windows Phone and it can be considered as smart watch which is more fitness oriented.


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