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How do I avoid Free Wi-Fi Wireless Scam ?

Airports across the nation continue to report Wi-Fi security issues. Do you know a lot of people are being victimized by free Wi-Fi hotspot scam in airports across the country ? Fake Wi-Fi hot spots are growing everywhere and it is very difficult to tell which is real.

What is Wi-Fi Scam ?
Someone is watching you when you connect your laptop to a Fake Wi-Fi hot spot in airports or in public places. You might have connected to a fake Wi-Fi setup by a hacker, hacker would have configured his PC in such a way that you browse the Internet via his connection ( all your internet traffic goes through his PC). So hacker can see everything you do online, he/she will steal the information you send over the Internet, including your credit card number, usernames and passwords. Don’t fall to victim to the ‘Free Wi-Fi’ scam.

A 2008 investigation revealed that Chicago O’Hare Airport had 20 wireless networks present that were specifically designed to hack into unsuspecting users’ computers and networks.

Here are tips to avoid Free Wi-Fi Scam by BBB

  • Configure you laptop so that it won’t connect to available network automatically
  • No matter the name of the network, if you see a free wi-fi network, don’t connect,
  • Don’t do banking or Internet shopping from public wi-fi hot spots
  • Turn off file sharing when you are on the road
  • use Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your business (VPN uses secured traffic between trusted computers via a process of encryption.)
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