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How do I add “Google Maps” in my website or blog?

Want to embed a Google Maps map on your website or blog?

Google has made it easier to embed Google Maps in your own page or a blog, that is you no longer need to have API key for each website you intend to publish the Google map upon, also you don’t need to know latitude and longitude coordinates.

To embed/add a fully functional Google Map into a website or blog, do the following


How to Embed Google map

  1. Go to Google maps page.
  2. Enter the address, make sure the map you want to embed appears in the current display
  3. Once the map or directions are as you like, Click “Link” in the top-right corner of the map(A little pop up tab will appear)
  4. Copy the HTML code which appears under “Paste HTML to embed in website” input box.
  5. Now, paste the copied code into your website or blog source code where you want map to appear.


Google employs an iframe to load the page. You can tweak the size from small, medium, large, or custom by clicking Customize and preview embedded map.

You can easily embed/add Google Maps to your website or a blog. Google maps is a free web mapping service application by Google.

Here is a live embedded Google map

Map image you see below is a live Google map embeded in this post. You can click the link in the map to see yourself !

View Larger Map

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