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Google Photos App – Unlimited picture and video storage

Google Photos was earlier integrated with Google+ but now it’s available as an independent app on Web and Android and iOS devices.

Google Photos is available for Android, iOS, and via the Web. It offers unlimited storage of images and videos entirely for free. Google Photos lets anyone to see photos and videos you share with them, even if they don’t have a Google Account.


Save Space

Google Photos will help to save space in your phone or tablet by safely backing up your phots in cloud, so you never have to worry about deleting a photo to make space.


The app offers two modes of storage.

1. Original storage

  • This is the 15GB storage that users get along with their Google account. If this storage is selected, photos and videos are stored with their actual size and resolution.
  • For additional storage is available on paying $1.99 per month for 100GB and $9.9 per month for 1TB.

2. Unlimited storage

  • Unlimited photos and videos can be stored for free but on a condition that high resolution photos get downscaled to 16 MP and videos to 1080p. This quality of photos is good for printing.


  • It is a hub for all photos organized as per date, places, things and people
  • When organized with date, pinch gesture on native app changes categorization from days to months, months to years and so on
  • Similarly, zoom gesture changes organization from years to months and months to days

Easy search

  • Photos can be searched with easy phrases like dance, kids, flower and the search provides photos relevant for these phrases
  • Users can give description of the image for search

New gesture for ‘Select all’

Instead of selecting images one by one, user can long press on an image and drag the finger on images which are to be selected. All those images where finger is dragged get selected.

Easy sharing

  • Images can be shared with apps which support sharing. All these apps are displayed in the share utility.
  • Alternatively, selected images can be linked in a single link which can be shared with users and they don’t need any app to see these images

Auto-upload and auto-enhance

Photos and videos can be auto-uploaded and also auto-enhanced.

How to download Google Photos App ?

Download the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet:

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