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Google Inbox – Gmail app

As the name suggests, Inbox by Gmail is a mail client for Google mail service, Gmail. This app has proved to be intelligent and has received praises for its minimalist design.


No invites!

When the app was launched in October 2014, it required an invite to install the app. From May 2015, it has been made available on app stores without the invites.


The app is currently available natively for Android and iOS for free. It is also available on the web at www.inbox.google.com. However, one needs to activate the Inbox on a mobile device first.



This client scans mails received by user and groups them by their category e.g. purchases made on e-commerce websites will be bundled in a category called Purchases. Such grouping helps user to keep mails managed. Custom bundles can also be created. This is similar to creating filters in Gmail.


Users can see highlights for upcoming travels, status of items bought, reservation details, attached pictures etc. even without opening the mail. This reduces time spent in getting the required information.


Reminder option in the quick menu at the bottom right corner helps users to create quick and easy reminders. Users need to just type out what they have to be reminded about and the time. These reminders can be pinned at the top.


A swipe right on the emails and reminders helps users to snooze them till any date and time. This helps users to get the work done at apt time.

Easy email management

Important mails can be pinned at the top of the mailbox. A swipe left gesture helps to delete an email, a reminder or even a complete bundle. A quick query in the search box fetches required email e.g. ‘when is my next flight’ will fetch mail with itinerary details of the upcoming travel.

Undo Send

Undo Send is a cool feature which delays delivery of a mail. After sending the mail, user gets a window of 5 to 30 seconds; which can be set from the settings page; to undo the send and edit the mail again.



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