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Google – Cloud Music Player


Like Amazon’s Cloud Player, Google has launched Cloud Music Player (Google Music Beta) that lets you to stream music from Google servers instead of saving them on your smart phones.

How to get Google Music Account?

Google Music service will be available by invitation only. To get a Google Music account you should request an invitation by visiting http://music.google.com/music/

Google Music Player 3.0 – Android Market

Google Music Player 3.0 is available in Android Market that will allow Android users to sync up to Google’s Music Beta service.

You can get the Android player for Music Beta by Google here, which gives you instant access to your personal music collection on the web and your compatible Android devices without the hassle of wires or syncing.

Google Music player – Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
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