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Find free local channels for antenna by zip code

Here is how to find available free local channels for you HD antenna by zip code. This fcc.gov web page will allow you to check for the local area DTV signals that are available at your location.
Based up on the signal strength you can get Indoor, digital Amplified Indoor or Outdoor Antenna.

You can enjoy high-definition television without the high cost of monthly cable fee by having an indoor/outdoor antenna. These antennas will allow you to cut the cord and cancel Cable TV if you only need local channels.

Search local channels by zip code or address –  https://www.fcc.gov/media/engineering/dtvmaps

Above map link will give you the signal strength, Channel number and Band for your keyed in address or zip code.


Available Signal Legends

  • Strong Signal
  • Moderate Signal
  • Weak Signal
  • No Signal


  • UHF
  • Hi-V
  • Lo-V
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