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FAQ: Cloud Hosting

Overall cloud hosting is a pay-as-you-go, on-demand hosting, which can be set up in minutes. You only pay for what’s provisioned. You can delete, configure backup server, create and keep servers for staging and a new one for production. You can select different of memory, CPU and storage. Checkout the difference between Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing.
Checkout list of Cloud Hosting providers you can consider for your hosting and application needs. Here are some of the common frequently asked questions on Cloud Hosting.

What do you mean by Cloud hosting pay-as-you-go ?
Cloud hosting are billed hourly/daily. You just pay what your use. if you use the server for a couple of days, they you pay for the time the server is deployed.

Scaling servers – How easy it is?
When you need more computing power, you can easily add more Cloud servers easily when there is a big fluctuations in traffic and then remove them once not required.

Cloud hosting vs VPS. Are cloud servers just a VPS ?
No. Cloud hosting are not VPS. Cloud hosting allows you to set up your server in minutes or upgrade a server automatically. With Cloud hosting you can add, delete, upgrade, downgrade servers on-demand (when you need more computing power ) and you pay what you use. VPS services are based on monthly or yearly plans.

Will I get root access ?
Yes, you will get management interface will full root access

Cloud hosting vs Dedicated hosting
Dedicated servers will take time to alter the RAM, while in Cloud hosting while , etc.

Will I get private IP ?
Yes, you will get a private IP for each Server you build.

How long it will take to re-size cloud hosting server?
In few minutes you will be able to re-seize your server.

How backup recovery is handled ?
Incase of disaster you should be able to recover using the backup image.

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