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Facebook ads – Targeting types

What are types of views and placements available for Facebook ads?

Depending upon whether a user is using desktop or mobile, there are different views and placements available for Facebook ads. All the view are explained below assuming that the Facebook ad is created for promoting the page ‘Healthy Life’.

1) Desktop news feed view

In this view, the page name, profile picture, ad text and number of likes appears in the news feeds of the desktop users. You can observe a traditional button for ‘Like Page’.


2) Smartphone news feed view

Mobile browsers on smartphones are advanced and hence they show graphically advanced UI. You can notice the button for ‘Like Page’. It has only the image and is well suited for a finger tap.


3) Feature phone news feed view

Browsers on feature phones are not as advanced as that of smartphones. Hence the news feed appears with basic controls like text, link and image. ‘Like page’ is a simple hyperlink.


4) Right column view

This view is for desktops and not for mobiles. It appears in the right hand column besides news feeds. It is aimed at attracting users’ attention and hence comprises mainly of profile image. The ad text is mandatory for this view and it is optional in others. Number of likes are NOT mentioned in this view.


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