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Facebook active users: Statistics

MAU (monthly active users) or DAU ( daily active users) are metrics that evaluate the success of Facebook. This information is reported by Facebook and measure the number of users who are interacting with a given Facebook application in the specified time period.

Here’s the Facebook daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAUs) statistics as of September 2015

Facebook daily active users (DAUs )

  • 1.01 billion daily active users
  • 894 million mobile daily active users

 Facebook Monthly active users (MAUs)

  • 1.55 billion monthly active users
  • 1.39 billion mobile monthly active users

Approximately 83.5% of active users are outside the US and Canada

Facebook applications – Monthly active users ( MAUs):

Breaking down MAUs across Facebook’s owned applications

  • Facebook — 1.55 billion people on Facebook each month
  • WhatsApp — 900 million people on WhatsApp each month
  • FB Messenger 700 million people on Facebook Messenger each month
  • Instagram — 400 million people on Instagram each month

Source: Facebook   &  TechCrunch

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