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DiggBar Bookmarklet – How to use

Are you a Digg user ? You might want to use the DiggBar. DiggBar toolbar allows you to Digg directly on the destination site and also you can create a shortened Digg URL to share on Twitter, Twitter’s new power tool. Other features of DiggBar is that, you can see how many times a story has been viewed, see related content, view comments, see more stories from the same site, see random stories and many more features.

How to use DiggBar

1) Just simply append http://digg.com/ before any URL. For example http://digg.com/http://thepicky.com

2) Using DiggBar Bookmarklet – Just click and drag the DiggBar button to your Bookmarks Bar  DiggBar. ( Changed color from the actual code). This will became your bookmark. When ever you want to digg a story, just click the bookmark from the same page, DiggBar will appear at the top the page and use the “Submit to Digg” to digg your story.

DiggBar Bookmarklet —> DiggBar Click and drag this button to your bookmarks

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