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Chitika Premium Ads with Adsense

Chitika ad units are NOT contextual and Chitika ad units do NOT look like AdSense units. According to Chitika, Premium ad units do not conflict with the Google AdSense terms of use because the ad units are not contextual and the ad units do not look like Google AdSense ads. Chitika Premium behaviorally targets to your search engine traffic. These ad units can be used on websites with Google AdSense or as an AdSense alternative.

Chitika premium Ads will only display to users that come to your site via a search engine.(US and CA users). It is good choice for any website that gets search engine traffic. Premium ad units are Pay per click (CPC) and designed to be their highest performing ad unit Cost per impression (eCPM)

Chitika non-search engine traffic Options

For non-search engine traffic Chitika has 2 options. The default option is to have the ad collapse entirely or to display another ad of your choice (AdSense, Tribal Fusion, etc.), which can be configured easily using Chitika Alternate URL feature.

If you haven’t yet implemented Chitika ads on your site, Try it out.

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  • TechieBird December 27, 2010, 2:29 am

    i have planned to use chitika ads in my site.

  • Maki August 27, 2011, 2:41 am

    Me too:)

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