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Chitika CTR : Bing vs Google vs Yahoo

Here is the Chitika clickthrough rates of visitors from the three major search players like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

According to Chitika, Bing decision search engine users are over 50% more likely to click an Chitika ad than Google users. Visitors from Bing decision search engine clicked on an a Chitika ad 1.5 % of the time on average, compared to the a 0.97 % clickthrough rate for Google visitors and a 1.24 % clickthrough rate for Yahoo.

Impressions Clicks CTR Bing % of more clicks
Google 26,929,367 260,518 0.97% 55.11%
Yahoo 3,157,648 39,008 1.24% 21.47%
Bing 2,236,366 33,558 1.50%


[via – Techcrunch Are Bing Users Twice As Likely To Click On An Ad Than Google Users? ]

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